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Have you ever been stalked, hassled, tricked or just plain want to know who is on the other end of your IM chat session? The Geo Sniffer service is the answer. It's free, fast and 99% effective.

Once upon a time publicly available information about an IP address could typically only be traced as far as the ISP that owns it. Also Instant Messaging conversations typically do not include the IP address of the participants. If, for example, you're attempting to track down who is IM'ing you, you'd need the help of the IM provider such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo or one of the others.

But now you can do it for free with our Geo Sniffer service.

Search range:

  • 25 meters (max.) For Major City CBDs
  • 100 meters (max.) For Major Regional Cities
  • 250 meters (max.) For Rural and Country Areas

DISCLAIMER: Information retrieved is for private use only. Geo Sniffer is not responsible for what you or anybody does with the results of your searches.

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